René Roeterink

Which event has influenced your life? What would you like to be remembered as? What was most important to you?

The exhibition »Privatwege« portrays people aged 70 and older the way they like to remember their lives. It aims at preserving and sharing what these people consider as most valuable experience when looking back. These memories might include job experiences as well as the so called »small things« in life.

»I want my work to rekindle an interest in others, to make  others  understand and appreciate the elderly for why they do things the way they do, and most of all to get others to start listening to them again«, explains René Roeterink.

The exhibition combines photography of elderly people with a written account of a past experience. Each story in turn serves as the basis for the re-enacted scene in the accompanying photo. Each text is printed on a transparent panel to invoke the fleeting feeling of a memory. The portraits and text panels are hung and arranged in  a way which makes visitors feel like »entering« each story. »Privatwege« has already  been exhibited in Kamp-Lintfort, Kleve, Bocholt and Emmerich.

| Bachelor Thesis


»Privatwege« had been exhibited in Kamp-Lintfort, Bocholt, Kleve and Emmerich.

Photography: René Roeterink.