Tofof – The original form of food
Maximilian Heger

Naming and Identity _ »Tofof« is a fictitious Paleo restaurant. The Paleo concept is founded on the idea that a healthy diet must be based on the foods that were available to humans during the first 2.5 million years of their existence. The assumption is that evolutionary adaptation to these foods occurred over time.

For this reason, the dishes are modelled on what is assumed to be the original diet of hunter-gatherers: large quantities of vegetables, meat, fruit, eggs, nuts – but no cereals, no sugar, no preservatives, no heavily processed foods. The word Paleo is derived from the term Paleolithic (Old Stone Age).  || Bachelor Thesis

tofof 46.jpg

The design concept is based on cave paintings from the Stone Age. Many experts interpret the predominantly abstract symbols as a primitive form of writing.